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On average, 4000 earthquakes strike Canada annually1.

Likely scenarios in the Canadian West and East Coasts will incur losses that exceed $70 billion and $60 billion, respectively2.

1Natural Resources Canada
2AIR worldwide (2013)

Learn what is at risk. Protect your business.

Everyday, businesses rely on the continued operations of buildings and assets to generate income. Not only can earthquakes cause damage to these properties, they can also bring heavy disruptions to normal business functions. As leaders in resilient infrastructure, Kinetica's mission is to help business owners protect their real estate properties and critical assets from earthquake damage through state-of-the-art risk assessments and mitigation strategies that support financial and business continuation planning.

Source: National Research Council of Canada
Building-specific seismic loss assessment using the latest performance-based engineering practice.
  • Repair cost and downtime estimate
  • Identification key cost drivers
  • Identification of safety hazards
  • Plan
    Minimization of risk using the exclusive P-Spectra platform, along with traditional and advanced seismic protection systems.
  • Comprehensive comparison of available advanced seismic protection systems
  • Cost-benefit analysis
  • Development of risk-based maintenance plan
  • Mitigate
    Full technical support for the design and implementation of advanced protection systems.
  • Supplemental damping and seismic isolation system design
  • Advanced dynamic simulation and Finite Element Analysis
  • Testing and QA/QC programs for advanced protection systems